Denver (303) 397-7663

Austin (512) 840-1531  

San Antonio (210)-428-1983

  • We will put in an inspection request
  • If your home is more than 1 story, we will likely set up a ladder at your home for the inspector.  Please do not move it.
  • We will notify your insurance company the work is complete
  • You will receive a final bill.
  • If you are using insurance proceeds, please visit our pages on understanding the insurance process and your final bill

 When Work is Complete, What's next.


        Serving the Denver Area:  303-397-7663

          Our Location in Austin:  512-840-1531 

                                  San Antonio: 210-428-1983

Production Questions

  • While we make every effort to protect the exterior of your home, we ask that you please remove all items that could be in the way of falling debris
  • Cover any valuables in the attic that may become dusty or dirty
  • Please remove any valuables on shelves that may fall due to vibration from hammering
  • Please mow your lawn, it makes it easier for us to find any loose nails
  • Please let us know about any special requirements for your home
  • Please keep small children and pets away from work area
  • If rotted, deteriorated or deflated decking is found, this is your responsibility.  We may replace decking on a time and material basis.
  • Please leave up permit sign until inspection is complete
  • Once work is complete, and you are happy, we will ask you to sign a "Certification of Completion."

Construction, What to do

  • It is messy.  Our crews will be scraping off layers of shingles and thousands of nails (About 12,000 for an average size roof)
  • It is loud.  You will hear our crews walking on your roof, tearing off shingles and nailing everything down!  You may want to plan a day away.

Construction, What to Expect

  • Materials usually arrive the day before production begins (You don't need to be home).  We will contact you about scheduling delivery.
  • Please remove all vehicles from your driveway
  • When our supplier arrives, they will place all materials on your roof, unless otherwise specified
  • If we are laying new decking, our supplier will set the boards near your home
  • If your driveway cannot stand the weight of a delivery truck, we can leave materials on the ground for an extra charge



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