Terms and Conditions:

  • Must be full roof replacement
  • Contract price must be over $5,000
  • Customer must sign Certificate of Completion

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       Our Location In Austin: 512-840-1531

                              San Antonio: 210-428-1983

Submit Referral Information

1.  Submit your referral online, through the submission form below.

2.  A Koehn Construction Representative will contact your referral and will do a roof inspection. 

     All inspections are free and they are not obligated to buy.

3.  Once their roof is built and they have signed a Certificate of Completion, we will send you a $250 Visa Gift Card.

How It works

As with all businesses like ours, our greatest advertising is through our satisfied customers.  We appreciate any referrals you might provide.

Refer Customers to Koehn and Earn Gift Cards

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