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   Our Location in Austin:  512-840-1531

Customer Portion Due

  1. $1,000 Deductible
  2. $70.45 Non-Recoverable Depreciation for Fence

Checks Received

  1. $3,062.67 (ACV, Less Deductible) *See Original Claim Below
  2.  $6,064.02 (Depreciation & Permit Fee)

Remove and Replace Roof                $9,119.58

Replace Gutter & Fiberglass Roof      $1,243.48

Power Wash & Stain Fence               $550.02

Material Sales Tax                           $283.46

Total                                              $11,196.54

Down Payment                                $3,062.07

Balance Due                                    $7,134.47       

John Smith

5555 S. Denver Street

Denver, CO 80111

Sample Invoice

Below is a sample invoice from one of our customers, we will call him "John Smith."  We did all of the work on his claim.  See Final Insurance Estimate for comparison. 

Your bill is based on the Replacement Cost Value or RCV determined by your insurance company.  Your insurance company will issue a series of checks to pay for the repairs.  You, in turn, must pay your deductible to Koehn Construction.  Also, if you have any "Non-Recoverable" Depreciation, you are also required to pay that amount to Koehn Construction. 

You should receive at least two estimates from your insurance company.  The original estimate includes all items that need to be repaired and/or replaced.  The second will include a permit fee and any other items left off the original estimate.  We will use the final estimate for billing purposes.


*Insurance Claims Only

Understanding your final Bill